The Official Camp Sleeping Bags!

Hitty Guthrie leads everyone in a rousing song of
'Baby Bumblebee' as they settle down for the afternoon.
They are anxious, as they have all been promised new sleeping bags.

...won't my mother be so proud of me! I'm...
Everyone sings as they wait for the sleeping bags.

"I wonder which sleeping bags we'll get," says Hitty Betsy.
"I like the frogs a lot," says Hitty Ruth.

Hitty Wonder offers a sleeping bag to a Bitty Connie.

"Aren't they just in fine voice," says Hitty Petal.

Bitty Sharon gets her sleeping bag, too.

Hitty Colleen is also helping to pass them out.

"I want that one!" cries Sister Hickory, pointing.
"I'll make sure you get it," promises Hitty Rose.

Bitty Boy Bobbie really needs a sleeping bag, and a nap to go with it!

Hitty Iris Raikes waits patiently for her bag.
 She has already claimed the crow pillow.

Hitty Rachelle tells stories to the little girls so they don't get impatient.

"Here's one for you," says Hitty Ann.

Miss MacDonald and Hitty Princess Lucy sit together, and keep a close eye on things.

"Oh, my aching feet," says Hitty Thea.  "I can't wait to relax tonight!"
"I thought you were going to the Camp Dance?"  says Hitty Persey, grinning.

Mrs. Plum gets out some snacks, with a little help from Hitty Libby.

...Ouch, it stung me!  I'm squishing up my baby bumblebee....