Behind the Scenes at Camp Piney Woods
Hard at work, preparing Camp Week 2010

Appliqued Quilts in Progress

Each quilt will have the same three trees in the same three colors,
but put together in different orders.
The blue sky with serene clouds represents the lovely
summer days here at Camp.
The trees represent the Pines of Camp Piney Woods.
The ribbon of water represents our Pond.
The green grass with flowers is actually a left-over piece
of fabric from a previous Camp!

Denise, our idea person,  has come up with some very cute
sun visors for the Campers.  Here they are, in progress.

Hard at work!

Hitty Theresa Faith, one of our Camp Directors.

What is it???

Oh!  The prototype sleeping bag!

A stormy day keeps the Camp Directors inside.

Hitty Theresa Faith and Hitty Petal check out the old camp uniform
patterns, thinking to make new uniforms for 2010.

Lots of fabrics to choose from in the Camp box.

The new house is going to be converted into a temporary Nurse's Office.
Of course, one must first evict the current residents.

Hitty Petal likes to feed the birds...but this is ridiculous!



Once inside, the Hittys begin to get the Nurse's Office done.

Hitty Ziva Raikes spreads out a new quilt.

Log Cabin Hitty has found a pretty spread.

Hitty Theresa Faith unstacks chairs.

Robin and Ashley help the campers out of the travel bag.
Hitty Colleen was an instant hit!
Robin recognized the carver, Erin, because she has
some of her Bittys.
(Robin is our Mrs. Johnsblanks)

Ash and Mollie check out the other campers.
Ash has been living in Mexico for the last two years
on a Mission trip, and has brought some fabric
from the village she lived in.  We made the fabric
into blankets for each camper.