Our Campers Arrive!
Page Two
More arrivals at Camp.  This time, our person headed to the Post Office to
pick up what she thought was just one camper.....

Somebody get a knife to open these boxes!  
There are Hittys inside!

Little Birdie thinks she might be fragile, so she isn't
budging from this spot!

"I don't know," says Hitty Wonder, "she looks pretty fragile to me."
Hitty Libby laughs. "I think she looks cute!"

The girls listen closely to the box.
"Someone is having fun in there!"

Hitty Wonder helps out another camper.
"Welcome to Camp!"

"I'm glad to be here," says HittyG.

"Ummmmm...but I may be stuck."

I think Bitty Birdie has taken an instant shine to Hitty Rose O'Erin!

"Looks like I have a new friend," says Hitty Rose.

"Girls, do you hear giggling?"

Let's get them out!

Hitty Betsy agrees--it's time to get the last box open. She knows
she wasn't very comfortable in her box!

"Help!  Help!"

"Do you hear something?" asks Hitty Rose
"Yeah," says Hitty Theresa, "But it's just Bitty Birdie."

"I'll rip off the papers!"


The Maine Hittys greet their old friend, Hitty Petal.

Hitty Betsy is very helpful, and pulls the blue tissue back into the box.

 Everyone in for a free box ride to Camp Piney Woods!