Our Campers Arrive!
It's a tradition, at Camp Piney Woods, to pick up our new Campers
however they arrive.  Some years, Campers have even parachuted into Camp!
Most of the time, though, they arrive in the Postal Bus.

This year, the first camper to arrive is Hitty Liberty, or Hitty Libby, to her friends.

Hitty Libby, right, is warmly welcomed by our Camp Directors, Hitty Theresa Faith (far left) 
and Hitty Petal (center).  I see Hitty Ziva Raikes managed to get herself into the photo also.
FYI: Hitty Ziva Raikes is wearing a prototype uniform for 2010!

Hitty Libby is taken with the big dome tent.  
"Maybe I will sleep here!" she says.
"Perhaps," says Hitty Petal. "But in the meantime, let's get back to Camp
and get settled in."

However, she barely had time to get settled before China Charlie,
the AGA chauffeur, got the call to drive to the Postal Station for another pick-up.
Hitty Libby was told she could ride along if she wanted.
She wanted!

Hitty Libby stationed herself up high, determined to see
the new Camper first. She should have looked down!

Bitty Birdie ran up to the bus, happy to see China Charlie again.

Hitty Libby laughed because she wasn't expecting such
a tiny Camper.  She held her up for a lovely view of the area,
before they left for Camp.

"Everyone settled?" calls China Charlie, as he throws the bus into gear.
Off they putt-putt, back to Camp Piney Woods.