Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

June 7--13, 2009
!~Traditional Camp Week~!

for Hitty and Friends

2009 Camp Colors: 1930's Repro Fabrics
Camp Uniform: Scarf

This year---it's all Traditional! Swimming, Boating,
Hiking, Horseback Riding, and S'More!

(couldn't resist that!)

~*~*~*~ CLOSED ~*~*~*~

We are not scaling back on fun and photos!

Time to Eat #1

Time to Eat #2

After Dinner Fun #1

After Dinner Fun #2

Can YOU Spot Your Camper?

Rainy Day Fun #1

Rainy Day Fun #2

Outdoor Fun #1

Outdoor fun #2

Missile and the Treehouse

Meet This Year's Campers

A Visit to the Top of the Hill Hittys #1

A Visit to the Top of the Hill Hittys #2

The Big Camp Secret, Revealed! #2


Print Out the Free Version of our 2008 Camp Paperdoll

Click Here for a Hitty-sized Version!

Fee: FREE!
Return Postage: $7.50 (includes insurance)


Please do NOT send any extras with your Camper.
Your Camper will be provided with everything needed
while here at Camp Piney Woods.


Can't use the link above? No worries!
Simply send an email to: julieoldcrow at @ localnet dot com
And let us add you to the list.

This year, as many of you know, I am involved with a Hitty Retreat
in Northern NY. And I just can't do both the Retreat, and a full-fledged
Camp Week. But what would summer be without our 9th year of
Camp Piney Woods? Boooooorrrring, that's what!

So--Mrs. Plum, Hitty Petal, and our Camp Nurse, Miss Figg,
decided there was no reason to cancel Camp altogether. We
would just scale it down a bit.
This year, we are not providing souvenirs for Camp, except for the
Camp Scarves which will be done in 1930's prints, for each Camper.

But that doesn't mean the fun is gone! We plan to have a
voluntary Camper Swap. This means you may participate in the swap.
or skip it if you don't want to play. This is how it works:
you send up to five items, and you get back five different items.

Voluntary Camp Swap
You may send up to five Camper Swap items in a Traditional Camp Theme.
Suggestions; sit-upons, camp craft kits, or anything a kid might need at Camp.



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