Swap Day

The Campers gather to see the Swaps!

Hitty Elizabeth lays out her swaps.
"And I have five sets!" she said proudly.


Hitty Susanna displays her swaps, and a yellow swap apron she brought, too.


Granny Sadie is intrigued by Hitty Annie Sarah's hand-painted trivets.


Hitty Ruth has made her own hotpads to exchange.


The Campers cheer for every swap.


"Oh," said Mrs. Goodwell, "I would love one of those hotpads."


OK,some of the campers are a bit more interested in food.


Hitty Esther takes pictures for the web site.


The girls have their total attention on the chef's hat swap.


Hitty Prairie Flower shyly models one of her swap hats.


"Ohhh!!! I want to go next!" says Hitty March.


And she does--with darling china mugs with hand-painted ships and the name 'Hitty'.


Hitty Fairlight struggles to stack her re-ment swaps.


"Who doesn't like re-ment?" says Hitty Rachelle.


Hitty Rachelle shows off her swaps and her swap apron.


Hitty Treasure has a swap apron as well!


Hitty Kirsten shows off her homegrown flowers, and a
delicious cookie recipe.


Hitty Petal goes last, showing off the snacks assembled by
the AGA for their swap.