Afternoon Snacks in the Woods

It was a hot and muggy day yesterday, and Mrs. Plum
decided to treat the Campers to an afternoon tea
in the cool, shady woods.

Mrs. Plum pours.


Hitty Ruth loves the chocolate tea-cakes best of all.


Hitty Rachelle says the tea-cakes with pink icing are her favorites.


"Anyone for more tea?" asks Mrs. Plum.


"I just love eating outside," says Miss Hickory.


Aunt Hickory has made a rare outing to join the tea party.


Granny Sadie has finished her tea, and is eyeing the scones.


"Hey, I want one of the chocolate cake-things!"

"It's so hot today. Maybe we can go to the lake later!"
says Hitty Prairie Flower.


Hitty Kirsten offers Hitty Cassidy Raikes a bite of her scone.
"It has raisins in it!"


Hitty Elizabeth and Bitty Boy Jean Pierre roll a ball back and forth.



Some of the Campers have brought along a board game.


While others sit in the shade and visit.
What do you think the girls are plotting?


"I think you are falling over on purpose, Bitty Boy Bobby!"
says Bitty March.


"...and then I saw a snake, and it was this long!" says Hitty Kirsten.

"I can't eat another bite," says Hitty Kathleen.


Hitty Susanna is giving advice to the gamers.


"I wouldn't make that move if I were you...!" she says.