MORE Playtime in the Field at Camp Piney Woods!

"Wooeee! That dog smells like swamp!"


A couple of the AGA piggies have joined the campers.


"You can do it, come on!"


"Bunnies! I love bunnies!"


"Can I help pass around the fruit bowl?"


The tents provide shade on a hot day.


"I love these Popsickles!" says Hitty Elizabeth.


Don't doze off with a Popsickles and a doggie near!


"You're right, they are stinky! I think the dogs were down in the creek."


"Eeeek! I'm going to fall!"


"I have another carrot here."


Hitty Petal's bunny is very friendly.


"I kissed the pig! I kissed the pig!"


"I SAID I need some HELP!"


"Can I look at your books too?"


"Let's sleep out here all night!"


"I'm sort of lonely for home," says Hitty Prairie Flower.