But I do Admire Their Cleverness!

Just to let you know---I do not condone the girls' plot, but I do admire their cleverness
and skill with a hammer, saw, and can of silver paint!

Bitty March pulls off the tablecloth and runs.


It's a cyberman!


"Back, you creature! Back I say!" roars Hagrid.


"Hey....wait a minute! This ain't no real cyberman."


"The paint is still tacky!"


"Who did this!" Hagrid asks Bitty March.
"Uhhhhhh........" stammers Bitty March.


"Well, I don' know who did this, but I'll get rid 'o it before
the other campers get too scared."


The girls can barely contain themselves.


"I hate those girls."


"Scared much?"


"Girls Rule!"