.......With Good Reason!

The Campers are all just playing at rest time, but somehow,
the girls seem a bit distracted.

"Is it time yet?" asks Hitty Kirsten.


"Well, I think everything is in place," says Hitty Esther.


"What are you girls doing?"


"I see her! She's in place. Pass it along."


"What's going on?" asks Hitty Charlotte. "You are so distracted today."


"Hi," says Bitty Aqua. "Can I get in?"

"Help me up," says Bitty Boy Bobby.


"Is everything set?" whispers Hitty Prairie Flower.
"Yes," answers Hitty Fairlight.


"Look!" yells Bitty Boy. "LOOK!"


"What's he talking about?" asks Hitty petal.
"Oh, nothing, I am sure," says Hitty Treasure.




"Come on, let's get it done!"


"So, ladies, urrr, ummm...chutes and ladders, 'eh?"


"Here it goes!"


"Ready?" asks Hitty Susanna. "You know what to do, right?"


"Get ready!"


"It's time!"


"Look, I say!"
"What is it?"



But...what is it that they see?