I'm suspicious...

You know, I try to instill a sense of responsibility into our Campers. Most times it pays off.
On those times it does not, there is always kitchen duty.
But how can you threaten kitchen duty when you aren't sure what is going to happen?
And when things seem so serene and innocent?


Granny Sadie takes a try on the tire swing.
Notice who has helped her on?


"Look at me!! Look at me!"


Hitty Kathleen is thinking of playing some field hockey.


Bitty Connie takes a picture of one of the Pinnys.


"I want the monkey!" says Bitty Aqua.


The Bittys are playing with the kitties.


And what are these bittys up to?


Oh--I should have known they would be hoisting another Bitty.


The Etch-a-sketch is always fun.




"I have to put new batteries in this lantern for tonight," says Hitty Ruth.


Now, what are the girls up to, just standing in a line?




Do you think they are watching Granny Sadie in the treehouse?
Me neither.

The dollhouse is always fun.



Oh, ok. Some campers are building something....but why are they
hiding behind the dollhouse and the girls in lines?


Hitty Elizabeth has a saw.


"OK," says Hitty Treasure. "This part can go on the top."


"We found more wood!"


You know, the Campers are permitted to use tools and make things during Camp,
but somehow I am really, really nervous about this.

I had better go see what is going to happen. Want to come along?