Just a lazy evening at Camp Piney Woods
(until something goes Terribly Wrong)

In the evening at Camp Piney Woods, the Campers
gather to visit, play games, and relax.


Franny Goodwell, Granny Sadie, mrs. Plum, and Hitty Minerva mcGonnigal
relax in their own way, with herbal tea.


Hitty Prairie Flower, Hitty Dani, and Eensie Baby Pinny are playing with
the castle.


"I wonder where all the Bitty Boys are?" asks Hitty Ruth.


Buffy the greyhound is wondering if Bitty Molly Pocket might
have a crumb or two to share.


"Girls," says Hitty Fairlight, "I think something is seriously wrong.
I can't find the Bitty Boys anywhere."


"That's funny, says Hitty Annie Sarah. "Bitty
Boy Roniven wanted to play Candyland with us."


Some of the Campers play with Floyd (the sled dog)
and the 'horses'.


"Hey, what is that noise?" asks Hitty Zora.


"Holy moley!" yells Hitty Rachelle. "What is that!"


"Someone come quick! Pinny has fainted!"


And it's no wonder she fainted. If you spotted what she spotted, you would have fainted too.
Just a word of warning. Going to the next page may be scary for little Bittys.
I just want to reassure them that it is not real. Just in case. So--you have been warned.
The AGA is not responsible for any nightmares incurred by viewing the next page.

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