The Bitty Boys Pull a 'Good One'
(and pay the consequences)

"Oh, no!" yells Bitty March. "Cybermen!"


And it is! Run for it, Campers! We've been invaded by Cybermen,
scourge of the universe!


"No! Wait!" yells Bitty Fishcan.


"It's not cybermen, it's the Bitty boys."
(Whew. I must admit, even I was a bit scared.)


"You boys come out from there right now!" says Mrs. Plum


The girls are sent to the bunkhouse to get ready for bed.
The boys are sat down and given a strict talking to.


"I am tha' ashamed of you," says Hagrid. "A boy yer age
frightenin' the Bittys."

The boys solemnly listen to the groanups.
But are they truly sorry?
Most likely--not!
After all, they made the girls scream and run,
and got off a 'good one'.


"Do you think cybermen are a joke!" yells Mr. Giles.
"They are not," adds Xander. "And I should know."
"And just in case you think this is the punishment," says Mrs. Plum,
"it's not. Kitchen Duty for three days."
The boys groan and make a show of being sorry.
But they aren't. Not really.


"Ingenious," says Mr. Giles.
"Well, it is!" he says defensively when the others just stare at him.
"You should thank your lucky stars they weren't real cybermen," says Franny Goodwell.

Because real cybermen would be way to scary to contemplate.