Opening Ceremonies at Camp Piney Woods


Our new and returning Campers for Camp Piney Woods


"Welcome new and old Campers," says Miss MacDonald.


"We will keep our speeches brief this year,"
says Mrs. Plum.


Aunt Hickory has come out for the festivities.


Miss Fig waits to be introduced as the Camp Nurse.


"Psst, Xander!" says Mr. Giles. "Did you want to introduce


Some of you might be interested in seeing Miss McGonnigal's scar.
It's on her head at the right.
She received it at the Final Battle.


"I think the sign is leaning," whispers Hitty Susanna.


"Here, kitty," says Hitty Kirsten.


The campers listen in attentive silence as Mrs. Plum outlines the week's activities.


"I want to go fishing!" says Hitty Rachelle.


Granny Sadie is especially anxious to try the pie making.


Hitty Annie Sarah stays very still as a kitty crosses her feet.



Uncle Olaf is anxious to teach cooking classes!

Welcome to the official opening ceremonies of Camp Piney Woods!