Night at the Museum!

Ok, a slight fudging of events. It was actually only ten minutes at the Museum.
But it sure was scary!
Ok, it wasn't really scary....but it could have been.

Two of the Campers were so impressed with the Museum, they decided they}
would apply for a job there. They were gently told that first, they were too young,
second, the job was strictly volunteers, and third, they had to live in the area.

Disappointed, they joined up with the rest of the Campers....or tried to!
To their dismay, they discovered the Campers had left them behind.



"Hey!" yells Hitty Janet. "Let us in!"


"I don't think the Campers came back here to the
top of the Hitty Hittys!" whispers Hitty Annie Sarah.


"No, I see them!" she cries. "Let us in!"

After a proper scolding, the Hittys joined the other Campers for lunch
and a nap. When it was time to go back to Camp Piney Woods, they
discovered that the AGA person had to make a stop at another place,
Camp Wabasso. Her daughter Annie works there as a counselor,
and she forgot her fan!


The two missing Campers got to have their picture taken at the Camp.


"Helloooooo, down there!" cries Hitty Annie Sarah.


"I see you!" cries Hitty Janet.


They get a good rest while the fan is delivered.


"Maybe I missed the Museum, but this is very relaxing!"


"I agree! Fresh air is good for your soul."