The Museum Visit

Page Two

"They're alive!" says Hitty Elizabeth. "Help!"


Jean Pierre climbs to the top of an umbrella.


Hitty Kathleen loves the old textiles.....


...and even Granny Sadie finds them interesting.


"Are you sure I should touch this?" asks Hitty Suzanna.


"Hey, this would be fun for an apron swap!" says Hitty Prairie Flower.


Hitty Ruth tries to ring the school bell.


"I can read this," says Hitty Ruth. "I pass!"


Hitty Esther doesn't like the huge school desk and chair.
"I need one more my size."


Hitty June tries out an old calculator. This sure won't fit into
anyone's pocket!


Hitty Prairie Flower finds some vintage bank papers.


"I'm a canceled check!"


"A coin counter? Wow, it sure is big." says Hitty March


The campers inspect some vintage banking equipment.


Granny Sadie is very impressed with the bank seal.


Hitty Treasure has found some old awards to inspect.


"No stinky cheese!" yells Hitty Elizabeth.


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