The Museum Visit

Previously the Redwood National Bank,
this historical building now houses the new
Redwood Historical Society's Museum.


The is the place, alright!


Hitty Kirstin reads all about the Redwood Glass Factory.


Hitty Ruth Ann Studies a model of the original glass factory, now sadly gone.
Jean Pierre tries out a chunk of Redwood glass for a chair.


Hitty Elizabeth and Hitty Esther have found some interesting items!
Hitty Esther is holding a cane handle, while hitty Esther peers down into
an antique Christmas Tree Stand.


Hitty Prairie Flower has found a shipping box from the Redwood train station to explore.


Hitty Treasure admires the railroad spike.


Granny Sadie and Little Annie have found the sewing section.


"I can't even lift this!" cries Hitty Suzanna. "How can anyone iron with this?"


Hitty June is interested in a vintage grinder.


Hitty Ruth and Charlotte Hitty inspect other old kitchen tools.


"Cook me!" yells Hitty Kathleen. "There's even some salt for seasoning!"


Hitty Ruth has climbed to the top of a fur coat.


"Help! I'm stuck!" says Hitty Kirsten.


These girls are fascinated by the real animal heads on the Muff.

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