Snacks in the Afternoon

The Campers have just returned from an afternoon at the beach, and are
ready for something to tide them over until dinnertime.

Uncle Olaf slices some rye bread from the morning's cooking lesson.

The campers are treated to home-made rye bread spread with cheese, summer sausage,
carrot slices,and radishes, to name a few of the treats.


The Bittys have decided to guard the pet mouse from the kitties.


Hitty Annie Sarah is going to hand a tray of snacks around.


So is Hitty Esther!


Hitty Fairlight takes a tray of rye bread to Uncle Olaf to slice.


Hitty Kathleen watches over the littlest campers.


Memaw cuddles a full and sleepy Bitty Boy Oliver.


The bigger Campers are very kind to the smaller campers.
I think Hitty Rachelle remembers what is was like to be little!


Hitty Ruth has discovered the bowl of potato chips.


Bitty boy Jean Pierre is eyeing the radishes.

The Campers relax in the late afternoon.


"I love this bench," says Hitty Prairie Flower.
"It was made by our person's Uncle John," says Hitty Guthrie.


"May I have some more cheese and crackers?" asks Boy Guthrie.