Pies, Pies, Pies!

"Don't move," says Hitty Susanna.
"I'm not," says Hitty Elizabeth.
"Why? What's wrong?" says Bitty March.


"Ohhh! A sweet widdle wizard!" coos Bitty March.
"Get off the pies now, widdle wizard!"


"Hitty Kirsten, that pie is the best yet," says Uncle Olaf.
"Yes!" says Granny Sadie. "I told you you could do it!"


"Congratulations," says Hitty Ruth, reaching to shake her hand.
"It's the best one here."


Hitty Prairie Flower fills a bowl with fresh beaten biscuits.


"Another piece?" asks Hitty Annie Sarah.


"Let's just take the whole pie," whispers Bitty Boy Roniven.


Bitty Molly Pocket waits patiently for the pies to get to her table.
"I want a biscuit!" yells Bitty Fishcan.


"Patience," says Hitty Treasure. "They're hot!"


"Yes," says Hitty Fairlight. "Hitty Prairie Flower just took
them out of the oven."


Ooohhh! Someone has dropped a biscuit. I must do my duty and
clean this place up. Why, a biscuit might attract ants and bugs
and all sorts of bad things!


"I think someone is sleepy," says Hitty Terry.


"Let's play a game! Let's play telephone!" says Bitty Sharon.


"Mr. Nabor, would you like some pie?" the girls ask.


"Is there any more chocolate milk?" asks Bitty Boy Oliver.


"More pie?" asks Hitty Rachelle.
"I think I ate too much already," says Hitty Dani.


Well, it looks as if not all of the campers want pie.