The Cooking Campers Help With Lunch

The Campers take turns at KP duty. Today, Boy Guthrie
and Hitty Treasure place one hamburger, a handful of carrot sticks,
and a fresh, juicy peach on every plate.


Bitty Boy Helo mans a grill, where he is making shish-kabob.


"Help yourselves," says Bitty Boy Helo.


Uncle Olaf checks to make sure there are enough burgers cooked.


"I like this peach!" says Hitty Kirsten. "Did it grow here?"
But Hitty Guthrie shakes her head. "No, it's too cold here for peaches."

Bitty March is ready to dig in. "I picked cukes today
and I am starved!" she says. "I never knew cooking took so much work!"


Granny Sadie is ready for a rest.


"What are we doing after lunch?" asks Hitty
Prairie Flower. "More cooking?"
"No," says Hitty Ruth. "I heard we were going to the playground."


"Hey, did you know these hamburgers are
really veggie burgers?"asks Hitty Ruth.
"How do you know? They taste
like hamburger to me!" says Hitty Prairie Flower.
"Because I've been here before, and that's what Mrs. Plum likes!"


The bittys plan some fun for later in the day.


"Do you need help?" asks Hitty Susanna.


"I might be too full of that stew to eat lunch!" says Hitty Fairlight.


"Ok, last call!" says bitty Boy Helo. "And can
someone please get these cats out of here!"


"Hey, speaking of cats, has anyone seen that cute black and
white kitten?" asks Hitty Rachelle.


"I wonder where the gray cat went, too!" says Hitty Kathleen.
"I haven't seen either one in a while."