Mr. Nabor makes Hotdogs from the Snack Cart

"I'll take one with all the works," says Hitty Susanna.


The campers wait patiently in line. Mr. Nabor has never
run out of hotdogs yet!


Granny Sadie is about to try the cheese dip. Watch out, Granny Sadie! It's Hot 'n Spicy!


Uncle Olaf is a bit jealous. He could have cooked hotdogs!


Hi, family! I wanted you to know that I learned how
to make the Hot 'N Spicy cheese dip, and will
bring some home for you all to


"Oh, OH!" gasps Hitty Kirsten. "It IS hot and spicy!"
"Someone get her some water!" says Hitty Ruth.


"I already ate mine," says Hitty March. "I want to go get another!"


Hitty Esther reaches for the dip.


Fed and stuffed, the Bittys play while the rest of the Campers eat.


THANKS Mr. Nabor!