Next--the Vegetables!


"These yellow squash don't look big enough to pick yet," says Hitty Fairlight.

"Hey," says Hitty Prairie Flower. "This one is pretty big."


"I want to take a big bite right now!" exclaims Hitty Ruth.


"Hey, everyone, we found the tomatoes!"
cries Bitty March.


"Aren't they supposed to be red?" asks Hitty Suzanna.
"Yes," says Hitty Guthrie. "I don't think we should pick these yet."


"But we could if we wanted to make fried green tomatoes,"
she added.


Hitty Esther has found other green tomatoes.


Hitty Treasure has found loads of blossoms.


"I'm ready to come down now!" says Hitty Esther.


The cucumber pot is filled with blossoms.


Granny Sadie has found a few small ones to sample.


"What is making the holes in the leaves," asks Hitty Elizabeth.
"Ick! Not bugs!"


"I don't see any bugs," says Hitty Kathleen.


"I see lots of baby cukes, though." says Hitty Elizabeth.


"I'm trapped!" says Hitty Rachelle, giggling.


"Ok, girls, time to go back to the kitchens!"