A Visit to the AGA Gardens

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Mrs. Plum has sent her Camper Students out into the gardens to collect fresh vegetables.
The menu for today?
Vegetable Stew!

First, they visit the herb pots.


Granny Sadie inspects some newly sprouted tangerine trees.


"Hey," says Hitty Treasure, "These aren't herbs!"
"No, I think I heard the AGA Person mention
that they were grapefruit trees," says Hitty Esther.


Hitty Guthrie is fascinated by the tangerine trees.
"Will they get tangerines and everything?" she asks.
"Probably not," says Granny Sadie, "but they're pretty to grow."


"Hey, I want to see," says Hitty Rachelle.


Hitty Kathleen and Bitty March check the water levels in the pots.


"What is this?" asks Hitty Elizabeth.
"Rosemary," says Hitty Prairie Flower. "Pinch a piece and smell it."
"It needs water," says Hitty Annie Sarah.


Hitty Ruth and Hitty Kirsten pick some fresh parsley for the stew.


"Help! Help!" yells Hitty Annie Sarah.
"I'll get you down, don't worry," says Hitty Suzanna.

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