A Visit to the Top of the Hill Hittys, continued

After lunch, everyone walked over to the China Cabinet Apartments.

The girls have discovered a heart-shaped sewing box.


Hitty Annie Sarah is visiting with a China.


The softies are all down in a bottom apartment.


Hitty Ruth has discovered a good seat!


"I think you are too big to get on the rocking horse," says Hitty Rachelle.


A visit to the Mexican family on the top floor is always fun.


Hitty Kirsten has discovered some laundry waiting to be washed.


Hitty Fairlight says the bench is so comfy, she might fall asleep!


"Look at all the food!" says Hitty Susanna.


And sure enough, their hosts are preparing an authentic
Mexican meal.


Meanwhile, in the tea room, Hitty Guthrie has discovered
a sewing project in progress.


The Bittys are thrilled to see the Christmas tree is
up! Maybe Santa is coming?


Hitty Elisabeth admires Hitty Maggie's cabbage tea set.


Boy Guthrie has discovered the animals!


And so has Bitty March!

The rain let up, but it was too late to go to Helen's house to
see the hollyhocks. No matter! There are some lovely lilies here!


Hitty Fairlight just wants a sniff!


"I see you!" says Hitty Elizabeth.