A Visit to the Top of the Hill Hittys

It was supposed to be a visit to see Helen's hollyhocks,
but it was pouring down rain--so the Hittys went to see Jan
and the Top of the Hill Hittys.


First a stop at the EFA house.

Hitty Susanna and one of the EFA's play with Pinky
the Aardvark.


"But why can't I have that candy apple?" asks Hitty March.

Pinny Momma and her baby have come along to visit too.

At the house, Bitty Molly Pocket bangs away on the piano.


One of the Top of the Hill Pinnys sings along.


In the parlor, Hitty Prairie Flower and Boy Guthrie are visiting the dollhouse family.


Hitty Prairie Flower has been asked to pour the tea.


"I really like your Zen Garden," says boy Guthrie.


This is camper Hitty Kathleen's house, and she is happy to be back for a visit.
"I'll be back for good, when Camp is over," she says.


It looks as if the girls have made new friends!


Mrs. Baker is showing off her new teddy bear.


Hitty Annie Sarah admires the thimble collection.


Meanwhile, the campers have chased everyone out of the kitchen, and
are preparing lunch.


Hitty Esther is rolling out a dough for biscuits.


Hitty Kirsten is readying a plate of tea cakes.


Hitty Fairlight is mixing and stirring--but no one knows what!

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