Playground Fun

Everyone eagerly checks out the playground equipment.


The grannies have taken the afternoon off to sit in the sun,
and supervise the campers. Granny Sadie, a camper,
says she is a bit more comfortable sitting in the shade rather than
sliding down the slide.


Miss Figg happened along, and sat for a quick visit.


Mrs. Zabaglione is trying out the lawn chair, but she feels a
bit silly and stiff reclining like that in the middle of the day!


Miss MacDonald is taking a quick snooze.


"Hey! you know better than trying to go down the slide backwards!"
"Sorry," says Roniven. Although he really isn't.



"It's getting pretty crowded in here!" says Bitty March.


"Look! No hands!" says Bitty Sam.


"Wow, I can see the lake from here!" says Hitty Kathleen.
"And I can see a bug!" says Hitty Prairie Flower.


The Hittys stand on tiptoe to see how far they can see.


Hitty Fairlight reads the dedication on the playground.


"Pssst," says Hitty Elizabeth. "I heard the boys planning something!"
Hitty Kirsten frowns. "It better not be like last year, with the mice.
I read about that."
"I think it might be worse!"


"I can see Hagrid over in the barn area," says Bitty.
"He's letting Norbert the 2nd fly!"


"Ohh!! Be careful!" says Hitty Susanna.


"OK, so first, we have to think of a good bribe." says Lottie.
"We can get one of those bitty boys to tell us what's going on."


"My turn next!" says Hitty Rachelle.


Mr. Nabor helps the littlest Bittys on the slide.


"Where did you go," says Bitty March.
"Down here! Look down here!"


"OK, here's the plan. First, I pretend to be smitten with Bitty Boy Helo and--"
"What's 'smitten'?" asks Hitty Annie Sarah.
"Uh--well I think it means dating. I'm not really sure. I saw it on tv."


"Hahaha! Those silly girls won't know what hit them!" says Bitty Boy Helo.
"Shhhhh! There's one of them right around the corner!"