Memaw Has a Surprise for the Campers

"Hello, Campers! Gather around," says Memaw McCrackleberry.

"Memaw, what is it?" asks Hitty Susanna.
Memaw slowly turns the crank on the side of the wooden barrel.
"This is an old-fashioned ice-cream maker!" she says.


And sure enough, soon she stops cranking, lifts the tub out, and spoons
fresh vanilla ice-cream into everyone's bowl.
"Yum!" says Hitty Fairlight.


"Can I have a taste?" asks Pin.


"Bitty Boy Bobby, what's wrong?" ask Granny Sadie.

"I got no ice-cream!" he says, sniffing.
"Oh, Bitty Boy Bobby," says Hitty Kathleen, "Here come's
Mrs. Plum with your ice-cream now!"

"Who's ready for ice-cream,?" asks Mrs. Plum.


"I love ice-cream," says Jim Nabor.


The bittys all crowd onto the picnic table to enjoy their surprise.


"This is the best surprise ever," says Hitty Annie Sarah.

"I agree!" says Hitty Elizabeth. "I love cherry sauce!"


"Can I sit on your lap?" asks Baby Pinny.
Bitty Boy Jean Pierre is about to just die of embarrassment.


Eensy Pinny has found a pillow for a nap.


"Memaw, this is the best ice-cream I have ever had!" says Hitty Ruth.