Free-Time Fun at Camp Piney Woods

Kitties are always fun!


Chatter is part of the fun!


"Uhhhh..what is that?" asks Hitty Susanna.
"Our mouse!" says Hitty Cassidy.


"Don't worry," says Hitty Dani. "This puppy doesn't bite!"


Tinker toys provide hours of entertainment.


"I see a work you can make," says Helo.

"Oh, no!" says Hitty Prairie Flower. "I'm stuck in Molasses Swap!"


The boys have found a plane.


Miss Hickory normally sticks to her own home,
but she is enjoying the visits with the campers.


"Errr, uhhh--I'll steady the ladder," says Hagrid.
"Oh, thank you so much," says Granny Sadie.


"And ohhh! The game of Life!"


"Hold on!" says Hitty Annie Sarah. "I'm winding you up!"


"Don't let go of the winch!" yells Bitty Lottie.


"I think these lizards are fun,"says Hitty Elizabeth.

Up in the top of the treehouse.


Up in the very top of the treehouse!


"I win!" cries Bitty Zoe.