The Groan-Ups Decide To Call in Professional Help

The groan-ups have gathered at Camp Piney Woods, for tea and problem solving.


"I don' know, April. The Campers sure are clever, heh?"
"Well, Hagrid, have some tea, and we'll discuss this problem."


"I love this herbal tea, Mrs. Plum!" says Roger Nabor.


"I think this problem with the cybermen is just over our heads," says Xander.
"Now, if it was a demon.....!" says Franny Goodwell, laughing.

"Xander is right," says Memaw. "We need some professional
advice on this. The campers can't make cybermen!"


Mr. Giles surveys the tea table.
"Urr, ummm, I could consult my books."


"I think I know who could help."


Great-Aunt Teddie nods. "I think I know exactly who you mean."


Who DO they mean?

Before we can find out, we have to witness the 'talk' the Campers get.