The Real Hitty's Sister Allows One on One Talks with the Campers

Hitty Petal asks why she is smaller than the Real Hitty.
"Why, I'm the younger sister!" she says, with a laugh.


"Can I hug you?" asks Bitty Molly Pocket.


"Ummm...Ummmm...." Bitty March can't think of a thing to say.


"So, Hitty Kathleen, I just love your red hair!"


"You're kidding me!" exclaims Hitty Rachelle.
"No, it's true," says Real Hitty's Sister. "We don't live together, though."


"I can't believe I am sitting here with you!" says Hitty Elizabeth.


"But why can't I go back with you?" asks Hitty Susanna.


Hitty Prairie Flower is very shy, but manages to ask a few questions.


"Good to see you again!" says Granny Sadie.
"Why don't you catch a ride home with me?" asks Real Hitty's Sister.
"Oh, probably not. TC wouldn't like it if I hitched on the Tardis."


"Wow, you are so short!" says Hitty Kirsten. "Oops!
I didn't mean that as an insult!"
Real Hitty's Sister just laughs. "I hear that a lot from Real Hitty!"


Hitty Esther has met her before, and they catch up on old times.


Hitty Fairlight plays a clapping game with her.


"Are you made of mountain ash too?" Asks Hitty Ruth.


Hitty Treasure tells about the fish she caught.


"Oh, yes, I will be seeing you later this week!"


Hitty Annie Sarah invites her to come to Cranberry Island some day.
"My sister, Real Hitty, has been there," says the Real Hitty's Sister,
"but I never have."


All too soon, everyone must go back into the Camp, and say
goodbye to the Doctor, Rose, and the Real Hitty's Sister.


"Wait! Wait," says Bitty March. "I know what I want to ask.
Who carved the Real Hitty?"


"Why, it's--"the Real Hitty's sister begins.
"Time to go!" yells the Doctor. "I'm picking up a rift. Sorry!"

"But my question!" yells Bitty March.
"I'll ask her!" says the Doctor, jumping into the Tardis.
"Hold on--oops~!"
He claps his hands, the door bangs shut, and.....


...up the Tardis spins......


...they go.

And Bitty March is left wondering, as we all do.

Real Hitty's Sister may have had to leave Camp Piney Woods,
but this is not the last you can see of her.
Check out for detailed pictures coming soon!