The Doctor Brings a Special Visitor

"Come on out, don't be shy," says the Doctor.


And someone slowly steps out of the Tardis.


"Hello,all! I am the Real Hitty's Sister, and I've come for a little visit."


"Real Hitty's Sister, have a seat and visit the campers," suggests Dr. Who.


And so she does!


The Bittys gather around, listening to her tales of playing
with the Real Hitty 'back in the day'.


"No," she says, "the Real Hitty wasn't carved by an old
peddler, that's just part of her story."


"But, who did carve you and the Real Hitty?" asks Pinny Balernina.
Just then, the big clock bonged, and the Bittys reluctantly headed for bed.


The older Campers gather around.

"And then, we both got a red garter," she says.


"Wait," says Real Hitty's Sister. "I have an idea!
Since everyone has a question, how about if we go outside where it is
cooler, and talk?"


Mrs. Plum says it is fine if the older girls go outside for a bit.
"It was so nice to meet you," says the Real Hitty's Sister.
"I'll come and get you when it is time to go," says the Doctor.
"In the meantime, any of those tea cakes left?"


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