The Campers Get a Talk

"Campers, I have gathered you all together today
to talk about the pranks," says Mrs. Plum.


The campers are a bit nervous. Will they get yelled at? Will they get sent home?


Granny Sadie has trouble holding back a smile.


The groan-ups are all smiling it can't be too bad.



"Roger," says Hagrid, "I here somethin'."


"What is that noise?" asks Hitty Susanna.


"I know what it is! But--it can't be!" says Hitty Kathleen.


"Look!" yells Bitty March. "Look up there!"


"I see it!"


"Me too!" squeeked a pinny.


"Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my!" says Hitty Ruth.


"I have died and gone to heaven," says Hitty Kirsten.
"It's HIM!"


So....are you ready to see who is coming?

Then let's go!