Professional Help Arrives!

And I bet you had it all figured out!


There's a loud electronic noise!


And something big and blue is landing!


It settles with a thump!


The Tardis!


And of course, out of the Tardis steps
The Doctor.


"Mrs. Plum!" the Doctor exclaims. "You look great!"
"How good of you to come, Dr. Who. We need someone
to discuss cybermen with the campers."


"Hi!" says someone else coming out of the Tardis.


"Oh, sorry, this is Rose Tyler."
"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Plum," says Rose.


The Doctor stands before the Campers and explains
the danger of real cybermen, and crying wolf.


"OK!" he says. "Enough about that.
Who wants to see the Tardis?"

Hitty Ruth isn't shy!


Rose walks among the campers, and gets acquainted.


"Anyone want to hear a story about Daleks?"


"Not Daleks, Doctor!" calls Rose, noticing the younger campers.


The girls are anxious to see inside the Tardis.


The doctor entertains the campers with tales and stories
and adventures and space travels.


"...and one time I grabbed a ride with some folks that
look like cats!"


"Hey! I have an idea! Why don't we all go for a ride in the Tardis!"
"Can you take us back in time to meet the Real Hitty?"
"Why not!" said the Doctor. "Come on!"


But Mrs. Plum puts an end to that idea.
"Sorry, Doctor, but we don't have permission slips for off planet travel."


"OK, well--I have an idea! if you can't go with me, I will
bring back someone to visit you!"


"And he's forgotten to take me," grumbles Rose.

So, do you think the Doctor will bring back the Real Hitty?