Check Out Our Behind the Scenes Activities for Camp Week 2008

Camp doesn't just 'happen', lol! There are a lot of 'behind the scenes' projects
to make Camp Week a lot of fun!


My work table today!

Plate after plate after plate of hamburgers, sweet-potato fries, and a peach.


Mrs. Plum and Memaw McCrackleberry inspect the fabric for uniforms,
while Hitty Sandi checks out some lace.


Hitty Minerva McGonnigal feeds the sash through the sewing machine.


She has a helper today.


Hitty Sandi pulls them out the other side and stacks them.


"I love this yellow and white stripe!" says Memaw.


"These will make darling tea-aprons," says Hitty Sandi.


Hitty Ruth is given the honor of sitting on Blue Horsie


Hailey poses with some of the Campers.



"I'm not going to fall!" says Hitty Suzanna.


Missy loves Hitty Treasure best of all.


"Sit still for the pictures," says Missy!