More Campers Arrive for Camp Week 2008

Memaw McCrackleberry is on a mission!


She has been to the Post Office to pick up a 'secret package',
a little surprise she plans for the Campers.


She pulls over to the side, because she is also expecting to pick up Campers.


A sudden voice drifts across the woods.
"Look, girls, it's my old friend, Memaw!"


"Over here, Granny Sadie! Over here!"


"Is there room for me?" asks Hitty Kirsten.
"Of course, dearie!" says Granny Sadie.


Everyone piles in....


.....and heads for Camp Piney Woods, with Memaw at the wheel.


"Here are the Campers, "says Memaw. "Now, I am off to assemble my 'surprise'."


Miss MacDonald giggles and shares the secret with Granny Sadie.
"Oh," says Granny Sadie, "I haven't had that in years! Not home-made, anyways."


Hitty Kirsten is dying to know what the secret surprise is, but she
politely doesn't ask. She'll find out soon!


"Would you like to go up to the Fairy Bower?" asks Hitty Ronuh.
"There are toys there."


Hitty Kirsten has found a new friend!


and Hitty Kathleen puts her feet up. "Ahhhhhhh......!"





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