More Campers Arrive for Camp Week 2008

Hitty Treasure has arrived for Camp Piney Woods!
She arrived very early in the morning, and Hitty Sandy
went out to pick her up. She had her binoculers, in case
she saw any interesting birds, and she lent them to Hitty
Treasure for the short walk back to the Camp.


They didn't see many birds, but they did see a Fairy!


Back at Camp, some of the Campers were playing outside.


Hitty Elizabeth is playing with the dollhouse.
"Welcome!" she said. "Come and play with me!"


Hitty Treasure sat down in front of the big dollhouse
to play dolls. What a fun way to pass the morning!


"I like this doll," she said. "What's his name?"


Hitty Prairie Flower and Hitty Esther are relaxing in the shade,
waiting for the Bitty Boys to finish KP duty. When they
are all finished, evryone is going to go for a nature walk.


Great-Aunt Teddy laughs to see all the kitties
flocking to Hitty March.


"Kitties?" says Hitty Suzanna. "What kitties?"
She giggles.


Hitty Ruth is looking for some interesting bugs.


Oh, my, now there's a big bug! Hitty Ruth should look up, not down.



Hitty Anne Sarah and Wee Patsy are playing with the kitties too.


"Yesterday I caught a fish this big!" says Hitty Prairie Flower.


Hitty Sandy is still looking for birds. She





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