More Campers Arrive for Camp Week 2008
Page 3

Hitty Elizabeth is trying to catch a fairy in the Fairy Bower room.


Hitty Prairie and some of the girls have opened a box of dolls.
"These are too cool," she says. "And they can pose!"


"Ohhhh!" cries Hitty Anne Sarah. "What a darling birdie!
What's his name?  Can I feed him? Do you ever let him out of the cage?"


"Look! Look! I'm just like the Real Hitty!"


Memaw McCrackleberry shows off the doll room.
"These are the show dolls, but there are dollies
you can play with upstairs."
"Are they all yours?" asks Hitty Suzannah.
"Oh, mercy, no. They belong to Mrs. Lovage."


"Wow," exclaims Hitty Ruth. "This is a real Robin's eggshell."


Miss MacDonald entertains some of the Campers in
Las Historias de los Viajeros Room.
"Have some fruit," she urges, "it's a long time to supper!"


"I'll have a banana," says Hitty Anne Sarah.
"Hitty Prairie Flower, would you like a peach?"


"A kitty!"


"Hitty Suzannah, come and see the kitty!"


"What's in there?"


Memaw asks Hitty Susannah if she would like to sleep
in the sailor's retreat or the fairy bower.
Wonder where she will stay?



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