More Campers Arrive for Camp Week 2008

"Attention, everyone!" says Hitty Elizabeth.
"Mrs. Plum asked me to tell you the bus would be here soon."


Returning camper Hitty Anne Sarah gets reacquainted.
"Hey," she whispers. "What are the bitty boys planning this year?"
"I'll tell if you will..." says bitty boy Helo, laughing. "Psych!"
Hitty Anne Sarah just smiles mysteriously.


Hitty Elizabeth tells Hitty March and Hitty Ruth what fun she is having already.
"....and last night we had a sing-a-long at the campfire."
Hitty Prairie Flower wishes it wasn't raining. She can't
wait for a campfire!


"Hey!" yells Hitty Suzanna. "I see the bus!"


And sure enough, China Charlie arrives to take them to the Camp.


Everyone jostles for a seat. It looks like
a tight fit, but there is a seat for everyone.


Hitty Prairie Flower holds the door.


One by one they file into the bus.


Some of the returning Campers teach a Camp song
to the new Campers.
"On top of spaghettiiiiiii!
All covered with cheeeeeese!
I lost my poor meeeeeeeatball,
when somebody sneeeeeeeezed!"


Hitty Suzanna is a bit nervous.
What if she can't remember the words?


"Hands inside the bus, "scolds Charlotte Hitty. "You know better."


"It's not going to be long, is it?" whispers Hitty March.
"I have to go to the bathroom!"


"Move to the back! Move to the back!" calls China Charlie.
"Plenty of room, Campers!"



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