The First Camper to Arrive for Camp Week 2008
Hitty Elizabeth, of the Thimbleberries Hittys

China Charlie, the AGA bus driver, motors to the pick-up spot.


Mrs. Zabaglione has never even attended a session of Camp,
let alone picked up a Camper, so she has hopped the bus
for the ride. She thinks Camp is a fine idea for summer adventures.


One of the Eensies spots the new Camper!


The others are excited. Another Eensie is hopping up and
down. She isn't sure what Camp is, or what an arriving
Camper might be, but she is darned excited anyways!


"Hello," cries the Camper. "My name is Hitty Elizabeth. Are you
here to take me to Camp?"


Hitty Elizabeth helps the Eensies into her seat,
while China Charlie starts the bus.

The last AGA students enter the bus, and China Charlie heads
for the Ash Grove Academy.


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