Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

July 13--19, 2008
!~Cooking Camp~!

It's true--Mrs. Plum is partnering with Uncle Olaf to create a week
of learning to cook the old-fashioned way!
Your Hitty will learn to make a complete meal (including desserts)
and how to present them in an artful manner.
And then there is the Bake-Off!
Of course--the regular Camp Piney Woods activities are
still taking place--picnics, swimming, boating, and everything else.
Your Hitty deserves a week in this beautiful woodland setting.

2008 Camp Colors: Yellow and White
Uniforms--aprons, of course!


Behind the Scenes
New Arrivals to Camp
More New Arrivals
Some new arrivals settle in the Guest House
The Museum Visit, continued
Another Camper is here.
Our Camper Friends
A Visit to the AGA Gardens
Can you Spot Your Camper?
Vegetable Stew Day
A Visit to the Sally O. Smith Playground
Pies, pies, pies!
Pranks Gone Awry!
Snack Day for the Cooks Swapping Day
Visit to Top of the Hill Hittys Visit to Top of the Hill Hittys continued
I'm Suspicious! With Good Reason!
With Good Reason! continued The Groan-ups Seek Professional Help
Playing in the Field Playing in the Field continued
The 'Talk' to the Campers Professional Help Arrives!
A Visitor! The Visitor Answers Questions

Bye-Bye until next year!

Print Out the Free Version of our 2008 Camp Paperdoll

Click Here for a Hitty-sized Version!

Camper Moms
Sue G.
Dawn S.
Trudy G.
Barb N.
Martha M.
Kathie B.
Yvonne H.
Anne R.
Pauline N.
Julie S.


Other events at Camp Piney Woods this Year:

Voluntary Cooking-related swap for up to 5 items.
Voluntary Apron swap for one fancy apron, no extras.
The Big Camp Secret


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