Welcome to Camp Piney Woods
in the Wilds of Beautiful Northern New York

August 5th to August 11th, 2007



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The Visit with Nancy at the Craft School

The Third Bunch of Campers to Arrive

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Mary Lennox Helps at Camp

Boating Fun

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Official Camp colors for 2007: Pastel Pink and Green

The Theme is Pets on Parade! This year, your Camper will bring along a pet of her choice to be entered into the Pet Show. We plan to have classes on caring for your pet, a Pet Show and Parade, Pet Training classes, and more! Any pets are welcome, as there aren't any we haven't seen before. Ok, maybe not a pet elephant. But if your Hitty had one, it could come!

ALL HITTY PETS must have leashes or crates and must be housebroken. All licenses and shot schedules must be up to date. Please check for fleas before sending your pet. Food will be provided for all pets. If your pet requires a special diet, let us know. Most domestic pets will be housed with your camper. If your pet is of a special size or not a typical pet, it will be housed in the AGA barns. Your pet will be mingling with other animals, including the AGA farm animals. Please make sure your Hitty selects a pet with a pleasant disposition, and one accustomed to noise, other animals, and lots of petting and giggling. Your pet will receive the same caring attention your Camper will receive. We are proud to have Rubious Hagrid, (currently employed at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Professor of Care of Magical Creatures and Gameskeeper), as our Guest Veterinarian this year. Your Pets will be in Great Hands!


Each Camper will be allowed the opportunity to participate in our Friendship Exchange. If you wish to participate, please send 10 (ten) small items to swap/trade with the other campers. Your camper will return home with 10 (ten) different items received in the Friendship Exchange. This is optional.


There is a change in our Camp Week Fee for 2007. We are lowering it to $25.00 (plus a $5.00 return postage--if it is more than $5.00, we will cover it.) Per Camper, as we will not be having any souvenir Hittys going home with the Campers this year. A strenuous work schedule at the Studios means that there isn't time to make the fabric Camp Bitty-Hittys. There will, of course, be a big bag of Camp Goodies, as per previous years. And let me tell you, Mrs. Plum has a shopping list a mile long to make goodies to send home with the campers.

We hope to see your Camper at Camp Piney Woods for the Pets on Parade, as well as our Traditional Camp Activities such as picnics, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, boating, fishing, cook-outs, singing, and more. Rainy day fun is planned too! Hittys and their like-sized friends, along with Bittys and boys, are all welcomed.