June 11th to June 18th, 2006
All Items subject to change and/or revision

Camp Colors: Rich Purple and Black Prints

Theme: Friendship
Each Camper will be allowed the opportunity to participate in our Friendship Exchange.
If you wish to participate, please send 10 (ten) small items to swap/trade with the other campers.
Your camper will return home with 10 (ten) different items received in the Friendship Exchange.

To see the fun in the order it happens, start at the far left and work down the columns.

The Making of the Camp Mini-Hittys

The Great Redwood Fair Booth Challenge

Swaps and Gifts

The Big Camp Secret

Campers Arrive!

More Campers Arrive!

Playtime Before Camp

Camp Arrivals yet Again!

Just Hanging Around

The Final Campers Arrive!

Opening Ceremonies
The Big Camp Secret



Bitty Boys Build a Booth

Arts and Crafts Day


....And Fun Day

Camp Portraits

Playing at the Beaver Pond

Care of Magical Creatures Lecture

Friendship Swap

Library Time

Tickets! Get Your Tickets!

The Fair Booths!

The Fair Fun Begins

The Fair Fun Continues

The Quilt Show at the Fair

The Kissing Booth

The Dunking Booth

Pictorial Fun!

More Pictorial Fun!

Last Night at Camp

Camp Stats