Vacationing at the Nutshell on Butterfield Lake 2007

Hats, hats, hats!

A Sunny Day at the Water's Edge

And a snack!

Quiet Reflections at the Nutshell

The best part of the Nutshell is the huge screened-in porch.
The Hittys are enjoying the fresh breeze that blows across the lake.

Hitty June passes out some snacks, starting with Hitty Nellie Bly.


Mrs. Plum (wearing her new red hat) brings out another chair,
while Hitty Sojourner has a lantern for when the sun goes down.


Miss MacDonald and Hitty Melissa (in the chairs) along with Hitty Minerva
chat about going fishing or maybe just a walk along the water's edge.

Miss MacDonald has decided to stay right in her rocker
and take a catnap.


Miss Hickory has come along for a bit of a change.


Hitty Coal and Hitty Charlotte enjoy a cut-throat game of Monopoly.


Hitty Petal checks the settings on her camera.