The History of Camp Piney Woods

Camp Piney Woods started out as a very small, family Camping Experience in August of 2001.
The Grasshopper Hitty Club, our family Hitty Club, sponsored some Hitty fun while the AGA Hittys were on
vacation at Butterfield Lake, in Redwood, NY. Hittys from the (NC) Atkinson, (NY) Atkinson, McBath, Faubert, Cole, and DeGroat family were present. We did this for two years, and then the idea occurred--why not
invite some other Hittys to share the fun? That's when we created Camp Ash Grove. Camp Ash Grove ran
from 2003 to 2005, during which point, a vote was taken among the campers to change the name to
Camp Piney Woods, a name that continues to this day.

A Map of Camp Ash Grove

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The Grasshopper Hitty Club Camp Week 2001


The Grasshopper Hitty Club Members relax at the Nutshell, Camp Week 2002


Our first year with Non-family Campers! Camp Week 2003


Camp Week 2004 celebrated the Fourth of July with a Pageant.


China Charlie picks up some of the Campers for Camp Week 2005.


The food is good and plentiful, thanks to Mrs. Plum and her staff--Camp Week 2006


There were 6 Stow-A-Ways for Camp Week 2007